How to Promote Healthy Eating Habits Before Undergoing IVF?

How to Promote Healthy Eating Habits Before Undergoing I
How to Promote Healthy Eating Habits Before Undergoing I

In vitro fertilization is one of the most complex processes that can help people with fertility issues. IVF procedure in Chennai is also one of the most successful procedures you can find out there.

But for a successful procedure there a lot of factors that come into play such as age, health, and genetics of the couple. Though you cannot control all of these factors, you can have full control over one of these. Since your health is under your control, this article will help you keep yourself healthy before undergoing the IVF procedure.

Fruits & Veggies

It is important to increase the amount of fruit and veggies you eat before you take part in the IVF procedure. They are known to provide some of the essential nutrients and vitamins that help the body with a healthy pregnancy.

But you should always stay away from the food were pesticides have been used. To understand whether a food item generally uses these pesticides while producing them, check their source, and find how they treat their crops.

If you can’t find anything, try to ask the shopkeeper where bought the product. Having a good amount of vegetables in your diet can help you increase your iron intake, which helps improve fertility.

Complex Carbs

People who are trying to go with the IVF procedure should always incorporate at least 90% of complex carbs in their carb intake amount. This will help you control the weight gain since carbs take longer to digest and keep you feeling full for a long time.

You should try to avoid simple carbs as much as possible since they are not healthy and are mostly found in processed items. They contain sugar which elevates the carbohydrate amount.

High-Fiber Diet

The best way to improve your digestion is by adding a good amount of fiber in your diet. It keeps you feeling full and will help you maintain weight. It also contains other minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B that can help boost your health for the pregnancy. Try some beans and legumes next time in your meal.


Once you are pregnant its best to avoid meat as your diet. If you cannot completely avoid it, try to at least limit the number of times you consume red meat in a week.

Eggs and Chicken

A better source of meat is chicken. If you really crave some meat, add in chicken to your diet with other poultry food items, such as eggs. Make sure these items are coming from free-range produce only and that no hormone boosts are used on the chicken.

Avoid the skin of the chicken as it can contain fat or hormones. Since you are going to get pregnant, it’s better to avoid any outside hormonal sources.


Try to increase the amount of good fatty acids such as omega-3, for your body. You can easily find them in fishes, but make sure you choose a wild-caught fish only. Omega 3 fats help you with inflammation and fish is in general a good source of protein as well. Try salmon or cod, both are good during such scenarios.

Organic Milk

Always go with organic whole milk when trying to get pregnant. Milk has been known to boost fertility for a long time. Try to have at least one or two servings each day to help your body.


It’s normal to get nervous before the procedure, and all you can do is prepare yourself for the best outcome. Consider these tips before going for IVF Treatment in Hyderabad.


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