How to Prevent Common Cold and Flu

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Cold and flu are common diseases and you can prevent these diseases by making some changes in your diet and routine. If you are eating unhealthy food then you are more likely to get affected by the flu and cold. Likewise, an unhealthy weight also played an important role in getting cold. According to one of the research, obese people get influenza more quickly than those who have a healthy weight.

When I met with the best general physicians in Islamabad I came to know that fighting against flu and cold is dependent more on your routine rather than medication. Therefore I noted down the list of things that helped in improving the immune system for preventing cold and flu.

7 Ways to Prevent Common Cold and Flu

For preventing colds and flu you have to improve your diet and body. Besides this, you also have to give up the bad habit of alcohol consumption as well. So without further ado, let’s get into the details of each tip that will help you to avoid influenza in the future.  

1.       Eat healthy

Healthy eating is the key to a better and strong immune system. Leafy green vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and spinach all are helpful for boosting your immune system. Besides leafy green vegetables, you can also take chicken soup, oatmeal, and yogurt.

All of these foods are immunity boosters and they are rich in vitamin C and E which helps in fighting against flu bacteria.

2.       Get Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for your body because it maintains the calcium and phosphorus level in your blood. Vitamin D also promotes the health of the bones and heart. Not only that but it is also good for boosting your immunity.

Yolks, mushrooms, salmon, tuna, and beef liver are rich sources of vitamin D. Besides this, some supplements can remove the deficiency of vitamin D also. However only use such supplements after consulting with your doctor.

3.       Do exercise

Exercise is the best way to keep your muscles activated and body healthy. Even a normal walking routine has a significant impact on the overall health of the body. Daily exercises increase the blood circulations in the body which helps in fighting against cold and flu. Moreover, it also helps in reducing stress and provides protection against many chronic diseases.

4.       Sleep Well

Sleeping is extremely important for boosting your immune system. 7 to 8 hours of sleep helps in reducing the stress and aids in speedy recovery from the common cold and flu. Moreover, sleeping is also helpful for increasing creativity, memory, and concentration.

5.       Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is harmful to your immunity because it damages the key element of the immune system which is dendritic cells. Besides affecting the immune system, alcohol can also cause heart, liver, and kidney damage. Moreover, it is also responsible for different types of cancer.

Therefore people who are alcoholic get skin more quickly than those who don’t.

6.       Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a natural immunity boosting drink. In some Asian countries, green tea is an important part of the meal. Green tea helps in digestion and it has antioxidants that are helpful for preventing cancers. It also boosts your immune system and burns fats. Besides this, it also protects you from any chronic heart disease.

7.       Get medication

If you do all of the above-mentioned tips, you will not get a common cold and flu. However, sometimes the common cold may get worse and along with a healthy diet and routine, you also need medication. Therefore you can also take an anti-flu vaccine for preventing influenza. Such vaccination is only suitable for those who are allergic to chicken soup or eggs.

In case you are not allergic to any of the food mentioned above then you don’t need any vaccination.

Summing Up

Common cold and flu are ordinary diseases. Preventing such diseases requires proper care and healthy habits. You can eat leafy green vegetables, eggs, and soups to keep your immune system strong for preventing such diseases in the future. Some regular practices like exercise, walk, and green tea consumption after every meal will also help you to boost your immunity.


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