How to Implement Microsoft Dynamics ERP


The implementation of Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a complex procedure that requires careful planning, strategy, and execution. One would have to integrate front and back-end systems along with the processes into a shared platform. This can range from six months to two years time duration.  The implementation of ERP for small and medium enterprises in Qatar may require certain changes along the way. Being a prominent Retail ERP Qatar, we will help you understand the implementation process so as to make this process easier and smoother for you.

Firstly, you must assemble a team of first-line and management employees belonging to every department for the development and execution of your ERP project plan. This will provide a wide range of perspective as to how the system will affect day-to-day operations. The first task will be to analyse and evaluate current business practices to identify which processes have room for improvement by the new ERP system. Afterwards, these processes should be arranged in order of priority. This evaluation shall assist in ascertaining the goals of the implementation.

Secondly, a procedural review must take place for the implementation of ERP for small and medium enterprises in Qatar. The project team must conduct a thorough review of the various features of your new ERP software. This will help the project team to familiarize themselves with each and every aspect of the new ERP solution. Moreover, they will be able to identify the skill gaps before the wider rollout takes place. In order to verify which manual processes will be automated, this procedural review is important. It will also ensure that necessary modifications take place and that the automation proceeds smoothly.

Thirdly, you must define which of your existing data must be converted to the new system. Afterwards, you must analyse it to remove any information that is outdated or useless. In order to verify the accuracy of data, you must locate source documents. A little housekeeping here will play a very important role because the usefulness of the ERP system and its data are equal. If your data is inaccurate in nature, the new ERP’s value will be negatively affected. After the cleaning and checking of data take place, spreadsheets must be created in order to collect useful data and segment it into logical tables.

The next step will be testing and training. The project team must work with a test database populated with real transaction data of one-week duration so as to validate system output and check accuracy. This experience can help the project team create process documentation and cheat sheets for the purpose of company-wide training. The ideal training methodology varies from one workforce to another. You must decide what will work best: e-learning, in-person training, or a combination of both. For this purpose, some factors should be considered as the amount of time devoted by the employees and their location.

Lastly, an evaluation of the new system must take place. You must put together a go-live checklist from the time following implementation to make certain that necessities are ready to take place. These necessities are network speed, reliability checks, scheduling and budgeting, system testing post-go-live, communication protocols, and data backup processes. On the day of rollout, a lot of planning must take place for various questions. Moreover, you should be prepared for some hiccups. One must make sure that the project team is well-prepared to lead their departments through the implementation process. Moreover, the IT team must be ready to make changes and adjustments as required. ERP implementation is a hefty work, but the benefits to profitability are well worth it.


Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP is affected by various factors. These factors are the size of the organization, level of current setup complication, and data transfer from legacy systems. All this makes the entire implementation a complicated process. We, a successful Retail ERP Qatar, can act as a reliable solutions provider, thereby saving time and money.


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