How to heal depression and anxiety without medication

anxiety without medication 1
anxiety without medication 1

We may be living in the most advanced period of human existence but it doesn’t mean that it is the most relaxing period of human existence as well. As we are getting into the 21st century, we are facing many problems that didn’t exist earlier. One of the biggest concerns is depression and anxiety. Every year, the number of people suffering from depression is increasing and some severe cases are resulting in death. Thankfully, there is awareness being spread by many government and private agencies. But still, many think depression can only be treated by medicines. Well, this is not true. Take a look at the ways that can help in relieving stress and anxiety.


The best way is to take professional help. The problem is that our society considers depression as a disease but the fact is that it is just a phase. A phase that cannot last for longer if the person going through it discusses it with someone. And counseling does not always mean taking professional help, he/she can talk with a friend or parents or anyone they consider worth discussing. But it’s important to discuss it.


Feel energetic and relaxed with the workouts. Performing physical activities is another very great idea that is recommended by psychologists. When we perform physical activities, our brain releases a feel-good hormone that helps in lifting our mood. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym, you can start by running for 30 minutes. In fact, cardio is considered as the best exercise for relieving stress. And the best thing is you just need a pair of good running shoes. Speaking of shoes, you can check the Foot Locker Black Friday 2020 deals to get some amazing deals on running shoes.

Therapeutic Massages

When you have a rough day at work or school, just sit back and give some quality time to pamper yourself. And the best way to pamper yourself is to take a full body massage and eat your favorite pizza. If not a full body massage, you must take a head massage at least. The therapeutic massage oils are made by natural essential oils that have medicated properties to provide comfort to the muscles and mind. It increases the blood flow in the arteries and heals eventually. Hence, you don’t have to take any pill to sleep or for headaches.


The word depression itself is very depressing. One thing that is very important to understand and we have discussed it above that depression is not a disease but it is just a phase that can easily pass. So, the first thing that we as a society should stop treating depression or anxiety as a disease. Also, there is a need to create an environment where a person going through some rough phase in his/her life can share their problems. Most of the time we make fun of them. Instead, if that, what we can do is just listen to them and that’s it. People just need someone who can listen to them.


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