How Do You Seal A Slate Floor?

slate cleaning
slate cleaning

Slate floors are based on natural stone and require professional and deep cleaning for overall maintenance, so, you can’t use the same regular cleaning pattern for a slate cleaning like another floor. For this, you can use the numbers of cleaning tools and solutions for better cleaning results. But sealing of these stones is also necessary for the better protection of the floor. 

However, avoid using the cleaning tools and equipment on the natural stones. Because these tools will damage the overall shine and sparkle of these tiles. Therefore, it’s better to use natural remedies and tricks to clean these tiles appropriately. 

On the other hand, slate resealing after a professional cleaning is also necessary for the better protection of tiles against water and stains. Because moisture is the main reason for stains and dullness. 

On the other hand, if the natural stones are porous then you badly need to grout and seal it to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Moreover, it will offer protection against daily staining and spilling. To clean the slate floor, you can manage the regular cleaning tasks and pattern. 

It will help to remove all the dust and dirt regularly and you don’t need to invest higher on professional cleaning services. Moreover, use the top-quality protector and shiner to maintain the shine and sparkle of natural stones. On the other hand, it will save the floor and tiles from scratches. 

So, clean slate floor regularly and wipe it out with water at least once per week. Apply the appropriate layer and coating of sealer at least once per year.

Guideline For the Deep Cleaning Of Natural And Slate Floor:

Remove Dust Regularly:

To remove dust and all residue, you need to sweep or mop out the floor regularly. While mopping the floor, use a soft cloth and dip it into water or a mild cleaning solution. Apply it all over the surface. Remove all the dirt and dust with the help of wiper after mopping. It will clean all the section of tiles and floor efficiently. 

Clean With Water:

For slate cleaning, use a top-quality mopping cloth or solution. It’s better to mop out the floor with simple water. But if you want to do the deep cleaning dip it into a mild cleaning solution or detergent. For cleaning the slate floor, you can also use the dish wash soap. It will not damage the quality and shine of natural stones. 

However, don’t allow the water to stay on the floor after mopping. It will create stains on it. So, clean the floor thoroughly even after mopping and let it dry appropriately. 

Use Natural Ingredients To Remove Stains:

To clean slate floor from stains, use natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar. These ingredients will not damage the overall quality of the floor as well as maintain its natural beauty. For this, make a solution of vinegar and water, spray the solution on the stains and let it sit for a few minutes. 

After that, clean out the area with the help of a cloth. Scrub the floor with the soft bristle brush if necessary, to remove the hard stains after applying the solution. You can also use the hydrogen peroxide with water to remove the hard stains on the floor. 

But remove the solution completely after removing the stain. Otherwise, it will damage the texture of natural stones and tiles. 

Seal Appropriately:

Slate resealing after cleaning is necessary to protect the floor completely. Because you can’t leave the floor without applying any protector and sealant after cleaning. For this, remove the layer of old wax appropriately. 

To remove the wax, you can use a stripper easily. Know, reseal all the corners and lines of the floor for a better restoration. You need to do this to keep slate clean and new. For this, you can get professional services as well as recommendations for better finishing, 

Because it’s not easier to seal the natural stones and tiles without any appropriate knowledge about the sealing and resealing process. Moreover, it’s not necessary to strip out the old sealant, you can install the new layer of sealer on the old layer as well. So, don’t strip out the complete area and floor before resealing of the tiles and natural stones. 

Besides this, focus on the material and quality of sealant also before using it for natural stones. Because you can’t restore the beauty of natural stones easily once it diminished. 


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