Are you a bride-to-be who’s party was crashed by COVID-19? Well missy, you’re not alone. There are tons of brides out there who’s planning went all down the drain with the advent of this horrendous pandemic. A lot of these brides resorted to having intimate weddings but an intimate wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea. After all we literally call it a “Big Fat Indian Wedding”! 

Every girl dreams of this day for a very long time and it’s our goal to make your dream come true in the most practical manner. So if an intimate wedding is not what you had imagined then fear not, the best makeup artist in Bangalore brings to you a checklist to have the wedding of your dreams. Take out your notepad and let’s get to work then: 


A tentative guest list needs to be the first thing that you prepare once you begin your wedding planning. A guest list is imperative as it will determine the venue you’ll require for various functions and will also determine the catering you want for your wedding. Try to make separate guest lists for seperate events and also categorise your guest list into tiers as to which guests are closest to you and your family and which are not, this will help you eliminate people in case you want some events to be intimate. Also, make a seperate list of guests and family from out of station as that will help you later in booking hotels for them and providing transportation.


It is also very important that you set a budget for everything wedding related, a budget for every venue, outfit, jewellery, catering and so on. It is also very important to stick to that budget as you don’t want to financially drain your parents’ life savings for a span of a week. So, budget keeping everything in mind and also strictly follow that budget and try to save wherever you can. You could allot the money saved in one department to the other where you might be going overboard with your budget. 


You can browse through certain venues online to find out the capacity and aesthetic of the wedding venue and keep at least 5 favourites aside. Visit those five venues at least 8-9 months before your planned date. Remember, in 2021 there is going to be an influx of people who want to get married the big fat Indian wedding way. So be smart, do your research and compare prices and finally pin down 5 final venues and check them out personally. 


If you are an eager bride-to-be you must already have some instagram saved posts or pinterest pins on what kind of wedding attire you want for your special day. Look out for sales during COVID as designer brands are eager to clear out old stock to bring in more stock and you might get a very good deal on some designer lehengas. Otherwise, there are certain bridal stores solely dedicated to bridal wear which could offer you a great collection. If you’re from Bangalore, you can consult bridal makeup expert Rekha Krishnamurthy, who assists the bride-to-be with her shopping requirements too. She sets up consultations for makeup, attire, jewellery and hair, and makes sure that the bride is absolutely satisfied before locking down the details. 


A very important aspect of the bride’s wedding look is the bridal makeup. We understand that a bride always has apprehensions regarding her wedding makeup, whether it would go with her outfit or not? Whether it would suit her skin or not? Whether it would look good in pictures or not? We suggest that you surf through instagram, wed me good or any such bridal apps to find the right makeup artist for you. Look up every makeup artist’s looks that they’ve created for their clients and see how the makeup looks in wedding pictures. After you feel that you have found the one, you should talk to the artist about availability for some tentative wedding dates. Reminder! 2021 will be the hot wedding season, so we recommend you are well prepared that the makeup artist you might want may or may not be available. So put together a list of at least 3-4 makeup artists that you’ve shortlisted. 


Part ways with your wedding guests with small party favours. This just adds a personal touch and ensures that your wedding remains remembered always. The party favour does not need to be very elaborate, could simply be some keychains or trinkets, coasters, etc. Also note that you should try to source your product from a wholesale seller as it would turn out to be cheaper than a retailer. If not for your whole wedding party, you could make special bridesmaid gift hampers for your close friends. You could include skincare products, or simply things that one uses in their daily routine and for a fancier option you could get customised towels or coasters for your bridesmaid. The amount you spend on your bridesmaid hamper can also vary from person to person depending on your closeness to them.

All of these pointers in your checklist should be assigned a budget so that you have the wedding of your dreams but it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Sticking to your budget while keeping all your wishes in mind is key. You might find it helpful if you keep a separate notebook for planning and also keep writing your budgeting needs in it. 


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