Hassle-Free Tips to Keep Your Curtains Clean


Curtains increase the beauty of your home, but most people ignore the curtains’ condition and need regular cleaning. Curtain cleaning ensures that they maintain a fresh and clean look. We are going to discuss some tips which are going to help with cleaning your curtains. 


Curtain Cleaning Melbourne recommends that vacuuming curtains are very important; you just need a powerful vacuum with a long attachment to clean the curtains. Look for the cleaning system, which is lightweight and easy to use. You need to vacuum all parts of the curtains; you may need a ladder to access the top side of the curtains. If there is stubborn dirt or dust on the curtains, you can use a brush attachment for cleaning them. 

Shaking curtains 

Curtain cleaners also recommend that shaking curtains also keeps them clean. You need a ladder to access the top side of the curtains; make sure that someone is holding the ladder for you; chances of falling are there when you are shaking the curtains. This shaking of the curtain would remove the curtains’ dirt and dust, but you need to use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the surrounding areas after the flood. 

Use brush 

Depending on the fabric of your curtains, they may attract fabric fibers and dust; they are also referred to as lint; they often stick with the vacuum when you are vacuuming the curtains. You can also use a lint roller if they are not removed during the vacuuming or a brush for removing. Make sure that you pull the curtains outward flat to access whether lint is removed from the curtains or not. 

Steam power

Curtain cleaning services are also using the steam power for cleaning the curtains. However, it is only required when you think that the curtains have stubborn stains. There are powerful handheld steamers which can remove the stains while your curtains are still hanging. The handheld steamer does not need a lot of effort. Make sure that you are working in small sections to clean all the parts. The steam cleaner setting should be gentle to ensure that no damage occurs to the curtains during the cleaning. The steam power is mostly used when the curtains have natural fibers and are thick. It is also important to check the guidelines given by the manufacturer for the cleaning of the curtains. 


Curtain cleaning services prefer steam cleaners for removing most of the odors and stains from the curtains. However, some stubborn stains may remain which needs deodorizing spray for cleaning. It would ensure that the curtains smell fresh, and their clean look is also restored. 

Clean windows regularly 

If you want to ensure that your curtains remain in good condition, make sure that you are cleaning the windows of the home with care, most of the people carelessly clean the windows, and in a result, the dust sits on the curtains. 

Fresh air is important for curtains 

The curtains need fresh air to maintain their fresh look. When you are free from cleaning them, give them some fresh air by opening the windows. It would ensure that all the unwanted odors are removed from it. The build-up of the mold is also removed from the curtains when they are getting fresh air.

If you are following the tips mentioned above, your curtains won’t need professional cleaning, the age of the curtains is also increased when they are getting due care. 


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