Get Kent RO Services In Kolkata And Enjoy Drinking Pure Water

Kolkata And Enjoy Drinking Pure Water
Kolkata And Enjoy Drinking Pure Water

Today the need for smooth consumable water has enhanced to be a necessity. Every year, thousands of Indians get contaminated with waterborne ailments, and hundreds lose their lives. The water you devour may additionally embody immoderate TDS, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and hazardous chemicals. Also, the water furnished at homes passes via rusty and ancient pipelines and saved in unhygienic tanks. Ensuring that the water is purified simply until now is of utmost importance. Hence, Kent water Purifier Kolkata has come to be a quintessential want for healthful living and the well-being of you and your family. 

Why Should You Chose Kent Water Purifier?

Purifying water using some of the typical strategies don’t do away with soluble impurities like arsenic, fluoride, chemicals, salts, etc. from water—this us where the vicinity of KENT Next-Gen RO Water purifiers can help you out. KENT RO Purifiers forges off dissolved impurities but preserve quintessential minerals in purified water. 

1.  Removes Dissolved Impurities from Water

Boiling the water or using traditional purifiers (UV) entirely kills microorganisms and viruses but does no longer do away with dissolved impurities. Kent RO Purifiers, however, besides doing away with microorganisms and viruses, also put off harmful dissolved impurities. 

2.  Mineral RO™ Technology

KENT’s Mineral RO™ Technology retains quintessential herbal minerals in purified water using the TDS Controller, thereby imparting a hundred percent pure and tasty water. 

3.  UV Water Purifier

KENT UV Water Purifiers use a high power 11W UV lamp to harness UV power to disinfect water and make it free of lethal bacteria and viruses. It is suitable for the purification of tap and municipal corporation’s water. 

4.  In-built Storage Tanks

India’s solely UV water purifiers with Inbuilt Storage Tank to make positive continuous furnish of water 

5.  Activated Carbon Filter

The Activated Carbon Pre-filter in the cleaner reduces the awful taste and odor, providing purified water that is healthy, tasty, and safe to drink. 

6.  The Most Trusted and Preferred Brand

Kent is the most relied on water cleaner producer in India. The achievements are proof that gives the most purified water at some stage in the nation. It is depended on by way of the ability of millions, making it the World’s Best Water Purifier. 

Kent Customer Care

When it comes to buying spare parts for your RO purifiers, trust solely licensed provider centers of KENT, one solely opened at the Kolkata branch. Kent RO Kolkata, make certain that you get 100% authentic components for your RO purifiers to have a trouble-free experience with our products. 

Water Purifier Service and  Warranty

At KENT, we supply flawless carrier for the comfort of the customers. This is the motive why all merchandises are blanketed beneath provider warranty. Also, we grant 1-year assurance and 3 years free AMC on all RO purifiers. 

Foreseeing the demand of a trustworthy water purifier system and dealers at Bengal capital, the Kent team provides you with the best service as  Kent Water Purifier Kolkata, ready to serve you with our best range of Water Purifier Service available at your doorsteps.


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