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It is a fact that everybody aspires to have a picture-perfect body. However, with the fast-paced lifestyle and unhealthy food habits, achieving this goal and maintaining it becomes a challenge. Not everybody has the heart, or the money, to opt for expensive cosmetic surgeries. Not to forget, the side effects of such dramatic body modifications make the whole procedure, as well as its humungous cost, a waste. 

As new technology is enhancing the medical procedures day by day, aesthetic treatments have taken the front seats. Improved, instant and more advanced methodologies are now taking the limelight in the beauty world. Achieving immediate, and impressive toning, and sculpting is not a big deal anymore. All it takes is one sitting, and you’ll be looking at a different and more defined figure in the mirror. 

One of the trending non-surgical treatments, which have taken the cosmetic industry by the storm, is non-surgical buttock lifts. If you’re curious about how this procedure works and what are the pros and cons of non-invasive bum lifts, continue reading. 

What is a non-surgical butt lift? 

The shape of the human body is never permanent, and from birth till old age, it keeps changing. As you grow older, many of your body parts change shape, size, and colour, and so does your buttocks. In many people, the buttocks start losing their perky shape with age. On the other hand, having a flat bum is also a source of insecurity in many women around the globe. To get rid of an undefined and less perky bum, opting for a painless and timesaving procedure, such as a non-surgical butt lift, will be your life’s best decision. 

How do non-surgical butt lifts work? 

The simple approach to a non-surgical butt lift is, LED therapy paired with cavitation. This pair of treatment is bound to give the buttocks a defined shape and sculpture. The stages in the procedure may vary, depending on the type of treatment you wish to go for.

The LED therapy, followed by cavitation, stimulates the fat cells and brings a change in their permeability. The step acts as an effective bio stimulator. Afterwards, the fat cells are subjected to ultrasound, that turns them into fatty acids. Now, with the help of pressure suction, the tissues can relocate and define the body with ease. The subjection of pressure also promotes the production of collagen in the targeted area. Collagen production improves the firmness of the buttocks, lifts the muscles, and tones it to give you a defined, full, and perky bum. 

However, in the case of a surgical butt lift, liposuction takes place first. In the first step, anaesthesia is given to the area where the procedure is supposed to take place. Next, the extraction of fat from the stomach or love handles is carried out, followed by the injection of the collected fat into your buttocks. The results of such butt lifts are similar to non-surgical bum contouring, but not as inconvenient and painless.  

How safe are non-invasive butt lift procedures? 

If you desire a perky, rounded and defined bum, without going under the knife, then non-surgical butt lifts are your best shot. They are safe and time-saving procedures, as only experienced and professional aestheticians can carry them out. The side effects of such cosmetic procedures are almost non-existent, other than a moderate discomfort during the treatment. However, the buttocks might feel a little sensitive or sore to touch a few hours after the treatment. 

How costly are non-surgical butt lifts? 

The cost depends on the butt lift procedure, which part is the target area, and what type of result you want. As compared to surgical bum shaping and lifting, non-invasive butt lifts are economical. However, the standard cost of non-surgical booty lifts, per sitting, varies from £80 to £380 in many cosmetic clinics. Whereas, surgical bum lifts will cost you thousands to millions of pounds. 

If you want professional advice on how to get the perfect shape for your buttocks without surgery and get more information on non-surgical bum lifts and Brazillian booty lifts in Manchester, UK, visit Seness.


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