Create the Right Routine for Acne-Prone Skin

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Caring for acne-prone skin revolves around blemish-rupturing products. To get rid of Acne, you need to change your lifestyle and improve your skincare routine. In this article, ill share with you some expert tips that are effective than expensive clinical treatments. Wholesale cosmetic packaging Boxes would make your products interesting and catchy on the shelf.

Acne type

The simplest way to torn apart from acne is to know its type. Whether, it is non-inflammatory or inflammatory.

No inflammatory

No inflammatory acne revolves around clogged pores that act as blackheads or whiteheads. It is the minor type and you can get rid of it easily.


Inflammatory type is all about red appearance acne on the face. It revolves around papules, pustules and increases the production of nodules and cysts. This acne type is deeper and more painful. These bumps are larger than normal pimple and they’re beneath the skin.

Skincare is totally depending on your skin type. When we talk about oily skin acne, the skin produces excess oil which further leads to breakouts.

But dry skin acne is totally depending upon factors or a 0% skincare routine. It further leads to skin irritation and clogs pores.

Easy skin care for acne;

First, you need to wash your face with a mild soap. I would recommend the baby soap. Gently pat it dry. Don’t apply any other product on your skin.

After washing the face, you need to examine your skin after some hours. If it is still shiny, then you are blessed with the oily skin. If you examine flaky and red skin, then you have dry skin.

Combination skin will dry from the cheeks and forehead, nose, and chin would be shiny.

General tips and tricks

  • Treating acne is not easy. But it doesn’t involve trying different products. You just need to carefully cleanse your skin and change your lifestyle.
  • Wash your face once in the morning and again at night before sleeping.
  • Remove your make up is recommended before going to bed. 
  • Try to be gentle and don’t scrub with harsh exfoliates.
  • Acne doesn’t revolve around dirt. So you don’t need to scrub your face again and again with harsh hands.  It would lead to more redness and irritation.”
  • Don’t pop your skin!
  • If you pop the pimple, then it would lead to scarring. It also transfers bacteria and turns your pimple into swollen acne.

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