Best Ways To Increase Online Sales Conversion Through Content Strategies

Best Ways To Increase Online
Best Ways To Increase Online

After implementing an SEO strategy, which allows visitors to arrive at your website, the next step is; keep them as long as possible. This is an important step in increasing online sales conversions through your website.

When visitors have arrived at your website, it is already a very good step. But not final yet. If your website is business-oriented.

Content that is read, should be able to help them progress. Or push towards taking action. The action here we call conversion. Can be a registration, purchase, register, ‘share’ content, or others.

If you sell products or services, content can be one of the best tools for increasing online sales.

Content that is optimized for conversion, will provide more value. Build trust, and make visitors take action faster. One week doesn’t go away, who knows when they will come back again.

In this case, you must evaluate the content that is on the website. There are six main opportunities that can be achieved through content. Including efforts to increase your online sales.

The following article will trigger you to make small changes. But it can result in a large increase in sales conversions.

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Give Value To Your Visitors.

Today’s consumers are constantly being bombarded with sales messages, marketing promotions, direct calls to action, social media, and normal daily disruptions.

So, it will be very difficult to capture and maintain their attention.

When someone visits your website, there are only a few seconds to grab their attention. And the easiest way is to give a very clear unique value proposition.

An effective unique value proposition communicates the benefits of your offer. Tell visitors why your offer is good. This will give its own point credit.

And this is no less important, answering the question they are most looking for: What’s in it for me? You must be able to describe the answer to that question. Perfectly.

Always keep the question in the dimension of your mind.

When creating content, let the question keep appearing. What’s in it for me? Then answer through your great content. With natural language, logical, and easy to understand.

This will set you apart from your competitors. You will arouse visitors in their curiosity.

ACTION: Review the entry point of your main website. Are your value propositions displayed? If so, is it easy to find, and clear? If it’s not there, add it. If it’s unclear, make it very clear. Because it is important to remind the conversion of your website’s online sales.

Right On Target

When creating website content, put yourself in the shoes of the audience first. And consider what they are interested in, what they want, and what information they need. Do this at each stage of their conversion journey.

Remember, respect their time. Assume, they are in a hurry. So get to the point quickly and clearly.

To grab visitors’ attention immediately, start with the most important content – the information that attracts the most attention. Then follow up with, supporting content. Such as facts, benefits, features, samples, and testimonials.

TAKE ACTION: Review your website pages, landing pages, and pages that are sales funnels. Do you get straight to the point, and communicate the most critical information at the top of the page? Looking for opportunities to improve the quality of your content?

Free Jargon Language

Using complex words or “shop for a thesaurus “ to sound smarter, will not impress your audience.

Instead of aiming to write at the seventh or eighth-grade reading level. This will only add to the burden of the audience’s mind. To wonder, what is a thesaurus. And it is tiring.

It would be better to make sure your content is easy to read, easy to understand, and easily connected.

With it, there might be acceptable to use the jargon on your website, sales, and marketing content: Website specialized industriesspecialized trade, and certain niche. It can use general jargon. Or abbreviations to connect deeper to their audience. Where make visitors who understand the term, feel like they know.

Jargon can be a sign for other professionals, that, you understand this industry. And has a certain level of expertise. Or, that they are in the right place.

But if your target market is public, then you should delete everything that might make your visitors burdened.

ACTION: Read all website content related to your sales funnel and marketing strategy, get rid of, or explain whatever jargon is used. This is an important step to increase online sales conversions from your website.

Strong Main Content

Facts and generally agreed, “Five times more people, read the title when they read the body copy.”

In today’s technology-dominated world, reading headings/titles is more common than ever. And the link is shared on social media, based only on the main header.

Writing strong and eye-catching headlines are more important than ever.

‘Title’ is your chance to make a first impression, gather attention, build connections, and get clicks or share.

All headlines, need to discuss one of the most basic human interests:

  • To be entertained
  • Be informed
  • To be part of the community
  • To solve the problem

If you want people to click on your link, from a list of search engine results pages, or leave Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, which they are ‘joking about’ then go visit your website or eCommerce store, then; Your main title, must also be about your audience. Not about you!

Writing Tips Main Title:

  • Use numbers: Headlines with numbers perform better than those that don’t.
  • Ask questions: The header of the question generates almost five times the number of clicks. Compared to ordinary news titles.
  • Communicating threats or risks: The title of this style, plays a role in natural needs. What humans have to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • Make time-sensitive: Time-sensitive titles make readers take immediate action.
  • Use social proof: This title shows other people have experienced the results sought.

Make sure you avoid misleading click feeds or headlines because that tends to make people angry. That is, do not also make a far-fetched title to get clicks, while not supported by real content.

ACTION: Set aside time to revise and/or filter your headlines. to be more powerful, attractive, INTEREST, and attract attention. Because this is a way to increase the conversion of your website sales.

More Benefits Than Features

Yes, consumers need to know about the features of a product. However, it is more important to communicate the benefits the product will provide. Why? Consider this:

  • Would you like to read the instruction manual for whatever you buy? Doubt it.
  • Do you always read the instructions for assembling your own toys or furniture? Rarely.

Consumer purchasing decisions are based on emotions and are justified by logic. This means that purchasing decisions are made based on perceived benefits and are justified by the features offered.

When offering benefits, ask yourself, what is it:

  • Save time or money?
  • Make things faster or easier?
  • Create more opportunities or grow a business?
  • Make them feel smarter, more confident, or position them as experts?
  • Give more freedom or eliminate fear?
  • Eliminate frustration or reduce stress?

When you only market with features, you make your audience do a lot of work. Like, to find out how it will benefit and help them.

When your prospect must work to make a purchase decision, your sales conversion will be quite low. Your customers, clients, and prospects want an easy and very easy buying process.

They want you to do all the work for them. And show them, the answer to their biggest question, “What’s in it for Me?”

E-Commerce Product Description:

Well written, descriptive product descriptions are very important. Provide short and long version descriptions for each product available in your online store:

A simple summary, focusing on the benefits to the scanner or window shopper that communicates who the product is for, the value the product provides, and the benefits that shoppers will experience if they make a purchase.

Longer descriptions, focusing on information for those who are serious, about purchases with details, features, and specific answers to common questions.

ACTION: Review your product description, sales page, opt-in page, and landing page. Are you leading by being able to use the emotional side to connect with your audience? And, following up with the benefits of talking to their logical brain?

Publish New Content To Increase Effective Sales Conversions

Creating a blog and publishing new value-added content, is the fastest way to expand your online real estate. This will also build brand equity. Which can be used for more sales and more money.

Every time a new blog post is published, a searchable URL is added to your website.

Publishing a new blog post, only once every week, for one year, will add 52 new URLs that can be indexed and can be searched on search engines. Which of course, will lead to your website.

Twice a week will add 104, and three times will add 156. Increasing the rhythm of your publishing will add more opportunities for potential customers or clients to find you online in one year.

The point is, publish new blog posts regularly and consistently, making your brand fly in front of an audience. You are like everywhere. At the same time, keep your brand memorable, and give your audience, search engines, and social media a new reason for sending traffic to your website.

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ACTION: Review your blog. Do you publish articles regularly? Do you have a set schedule? Is your content valuable and useful? If not, do it now.

Thus a brief review of how to increase online sales conversions through your website.


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