All Approximately the Best and Sourcing of Dubai’s Faucet Water

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People new to the emirate, thinking about a go to to it, or maybe residing in Dubai have a number of questions on faucet water in Dubai. Is Dubai faucet water drinkable? Does it want to be filtered earlier than use? Does it purpose hair fall and dry skin? Where does it come from? Does it have any capability fitness dangers? 

The motive at the back of these kind of questions is that maximum humans are ignorant of the fundamental information approximately faucet water in Dubai. Today, let’s discover extra approximately wherein the faucet water in Dubai comes from, whether or not it’s secure to drink this water and what filtration approaches are required.


There are number one water reassets withinside the UAE – the floor and the sea. Considering the arid situations withinside the region, the groundwater in Dubai isn’t enough to fulfil the water desires of the emirate. Although those situations are converting way to cloud seeding withinside the UAE, maximum of the water in Dubai nonetheless comes from the sea.

The faucet water you obtain at your domestic, whether or not it’s at a apartment rental in Dubai or the villa you lately purchased, is sincerely desalinated sea water. Water is pumped from the Arabian Gulf into DUBAI  which has aluminium smelters after which surpassed directly to DEWA (Dubai Electric and Water Authority) for electricity technology and water distribution


Official statements from DEWA have stated, “Our water best throughout the technology, transmission and distribution networks meets the best fitness and protection requirements set via way of means of the World Health Organisation (WHO). It is the duty of the consumer or proprietor and the protection businesses to perform normal protection of the inner networks and water tanks after the metre and to make sure that fitness and protection requirements are met.”

Recently the Director of the Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality, Iman Al Bastaki specific what counts as normal protection to make sure that the water on your faucet is secure to drink. Here’s what you want to do:

Your plumbing machine and water tanks have to be properly maintained.

You have to get the pipes and water tank frequently wiped clean and flushed via way of means of an Emirates International Accreditation Centre-permitted water companies in abu dhabi want normal checking out for consuming water parameters in an Emirates International Accreditation Centre-permitted laboratory.

The lab outcomes have to be fine for faucet water consuming protection in Dubai.

To sum it up, you may drink faucet water in Dubai so long as you make sure that essential steps had been taken to dispose of the capability dangers of consuming Dubai’s faucet water saved on your water tanks. A lot of humans sincerely boil faucet water in Dubai earlier than consuming it.


All the DEWA water provided to home and industrial tendencies in Dubai is very well filtered. It is the water garage tanks that pose the dangers of creating faucet water in Dubai dangerous for consuming purposes. This is why the use of a faucet water clear out out in Dubai is not unusualplace practice. Water filters assist purify faucet water of any impurities or dangerous materials which can blend in it at the same time as the water is saved withinside the tanks. To clear out out faucet water in Dubai earlier than use is an recommended protection precaution.

There are many filtration offerings and water remedy businesses in Dubai that you may seek advice from to put in such structures at domestic. The price to healthy a water clear out out in Dubai varies appreciably and might move from quantities of beneath neath AED one hundred to properly over the thousands.


In November 2019, the Food Control Department of the Dubai Municipality introduced the addition of recent pointers to the Dubai Food Code. According to those new stipulations, from the 12 months 2020, eating places in Dubai are recommended to provide faucet water to their clients for free, wherein the eating place proprietors have to act with due diligence to make sure normal best checking out in their water tanks.

This degree serves the motive of discouraging the emirate-huge use of single-use plastic. The Dubai Municipality hopes to create sufficient attention most of the hundreds to persuade a paradigm shift toward consuming faucet water in Dubai forsaking single-use plastic bottles. 

That’s all we’ve for you now. Mineral water is a valuable aid and possibly the largest contribution to environmental safety for your component may be lively water conservation. In addition to saving water, it’s going to additionally lessen your prices while you make your DEWA invoice payment.

Apart from water conservation, you may choose to create a sun electricity domestic in Dubai with the assist of DEWA. You also can discover electric powered vehicle charging stations via way of means of DEWA throughout Dubai.


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