7 Special Things To Do When In Pure Love

7 Special Things To Do When In Pure Love
7 Special Things To Do When In Pure Love

Emotions are very much strong in our lives. It is the emotions that keep us alive. One of these emotions is love. The very first emotion that we learn in our life is to love people, from our significant others. Loving mother, father, siblings, friends are different. But when you fall in love with someone who is the soul-mate, it is beautiful. Words cannot express this feeling. But, your gestures and your actions can do. Here is a list of 7 special things that anyone does when they are in pure love. 

1) Filling their lives with colors

If love has a material existence, it would be the colors. Colors express every emotion in the world. Think once if there were no color of the flowers, would they be so beautiful? How would the rainbow look without the colors? They all are indebted to colors. Similarly, when you fall in love, you start trying different colors on you. You wear your favorite color, but you start liking his/her favorite color too even though it was not your favorite before. Colors just paint your canvas named life with the color named love.

2) Expressing them with Gifts

When you are in love, you want to live your every moment with the person. You cannot stay a single second without talking to him/her. And you are constantly in search of the best thing to gift that will express your feelings. You start with expensive gifts, on occasions than on ordinary days as well, just to see the person you love smile. But gradually you understand that price does not count on expressions and feelings. Even smaller but intense things can also be good gifts. So, you send romantic gifts online to the person to make him/her happy all the time. 

3)  Making their lives sweeter

Being in love is precious, beautiful, and sweet. But you always want to share your feeling with the person you are in love with. As you feel it is sweet, you start doing things that make the person’s life sweeter too. They start wishing you in the morning, greet you on ordinary days, write small but cute things that will make you smile. Last but not the least, sending an ‘I Love You’ at the end of every conversation is sweet things that couples in love do.

4) Listen deeply

When you are in love, every word that your soul-mate says sounds like the tune. You give attention to his/her sayings more to understand him/her better. For that, you start being a listener than a speaker. You let the person you love to speak for hours and listen to them- their words, their ways of talking, their facial expressions, and many more. When she/he talks about their favorites- books, places, songs and many more, you just do not listen, you remember them. And later try to gift them that. If it is a place he/she wants to visit like Germany or some other place, you make sure your first outing together is that place. 

5) Remember to flirt

No matter how deeply you are in love with each other, never stop flirting. Flirt makes every mood lighter. Your partner also likes it when you say silly things to them to impress them. They always enjoy it. It can be a joke, a gesture of protecting him/her when there is none on the street. These are the little things that lovers enjoy. 

6) Talk about your deepest feelings

When you are in love, everything on this earth is beautiful. With having sweeter feelings, it is also okay to have deeper feelings at the same time for both of you. Talk about your desires, your lusts, and your dreams with your man/woman in life- do not hesitate. And most importantly, do not just do the talking yourself; make the person next to you comfortable to share their deepest feelings with you as well without inhibition or shame. Love is madness. And you do not get time to enjoy these things forever. These little things are signs of true love from a man or a woman. It is beautiful. 

7) Love anyway

No matter how much common things you have in both, there will be some differences. There will be perspectives, and chances to not getting your taste matched in every place. Do not let it ruin your stronger feeling of love. You will have fallouts, misunderstandings; but do not let them affect your core feelings for the person. Every time you fight, order chocolate delivery online to fix things. Love anyway because it can heal anything. 

No matter how much you write, love will always be deeper and larger than its expression through words. Above are the things that you do when you are in love.               


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