6 Tips To Manage Stress And Anxiety During Lockdown


The times today have become very uncertain and unpredictable, which has a toll on people’s mental health. The Outbreak of the dangerous virus is causing several other problems for the individuals at a global level. The recent study shows that the impact of such disasters is mostly on people’s mental health as they tend to get stressed, anxious, depressed, and other disorders.

The COVID situation has affected lives directly and indirectly. The instability of the situation is making matters worse for the people. The individuals are finding it very difficult to cope with the situation. 

Lockdown stress

As we all know, the majority of the countries around the world have imposed lockdown to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. However, this has been the most challenging phase for the people to be in, as being locked up even in our own houses can make us feel captivated. 

Being at home at all times for a long period of time is something that doesn’t usually happen, and people are not used to it. The lockdown made the people feel isolated, panicked, and restless. All these are very much understandable and also reasonable, considering the situation.

Most of the people today are struggling because of these conditions in the lockdown. If the individual’s mental health is disturbed, it becomes even more difficult to cope with disasters and uncertain times like these.

The following tips can be used to effectively reducing the stress and anxiety during this pandemic:-

1. Reduce media exposures

These days, people are not just exposed to media, but also they are considerably dependent on it. The extremely dependent on media, whether it is for news, work, or pleasure, get on to the individual’s mind. Getting regular updates is one thing, but repeatedly getting the same information on the topic is another thing that will just disturb your peace. 

Constantly exposing yourself to the news at these times will just worsen the condition and make you feel even more unsettled and anxious. So the dependence and the exposure to such sources of information should be reduced or minimized as much as possible. 

2. Get closer to your family

Usually, people long for having to spend quality time with their loved ones, which they are unable to do. The hectic schedules of people make them so unavailable that they can’t find time for the little joys of life. The lockdown should be seen as an opportunity to reconnect with your family members and spend quality time. 

Activities like playing games in the garden, watching movies, playing board games, cooking, etc. all these activities should be planned to carry out daily, which will release stress and anxiety.

3. Sleep routine

Usually, people get tired at the end of their day while maintaining a hectic schedule. This can change due to the quarantine situation. So individuals should give most priority to sleeping well. Creating an environment where you can get sound sleep:-

Getting the right kind of lighting- dim yellow lights are advised for calming the environment.

Installing effective air conditioning systems- Having the perfect room temperature is one of the essential points when it comes to having a peaceful sleep. Hence the ducted aircon Sydney is highly recommended as they are very effective and affordable at the same time. 

4. Workout routine

Staying healthy is one thing that you should not and cannot take a break from. The importance of working out and staying fit has just increased way more than before due to the uncertainty caused by the virus. 

Including physical exercise in your daily routine will not only help you to stay healthy and fit but also help in reducing anxiety and stress levels. Therefore the workout routine should be a priority for every individual to boost immunity and keep of mind and body healthy.

5. Meditation

The art of focusing on your breathing patterns and releasing extra tension from your body should be learned and practiced by everyone. Meditation is the best remedy to avoid stress and to relax your mind and body. Focusing on positivity around you and calming your mind down is what meditation includes. 

So individuals should put effort into creating the perfect ambiance of meditation by getting aromatherapy,  air conditioning Sydney, calming music, and a peaceful place. This will be a great way of staying at home and staying calm.

6. Stay in touch

Technology has made it so easy for us to stay connected to our friends and family anytime and anywhere. Lockdown has surely restricted meeting your friends and loved ones in person, but you can always connect with them virtually. 

Losing touch with your friends at such times is not a wise action to take; instead, it should be the opposite. Staying connected to your loved ones will give you more strength. 

Thus the above-mentioned tips can be applied by all the individuals struggling with the lockdown situation and be mentally fir to cope with the uncertain situations.


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