5 Ways Realtor Postcards Can Elevate Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate Business

The internet has drastically changed every industry globally, and real estate is no different. However, one marketing method of real estate that has existed for decades remains a popular and standard practice to this day; it’s called realtor postcards. 

You have probably seen realtor postcards in your mail before and have wondered about their success rate for realtors. Well, in this article, we will examine why realtor postcards remain so popular today and why new realtors should give them a try.

Lets you Target Specific Markets

The main benefit of realtor postcards over other marketing methods is your ability to target a specific market. Unlike social media marketing, where you are targeting a wide swath of people, real estate postcards allow you to target specific neighborhoods and communities you think will benefit from your services.

It is crucial to get a good understanding of the neighborhoods you want to work in, research the current marketplace, how many houses are listed at the moment, how frequent residents receive home valuations, if the market conditions line up, it might be a prime candidate for real estate postcards.

Build Brand Recognition

Once you have a specific neighborhood you want to target, you need to build your brand in the community so people will request your services. Sending agent introduction postcards to the area is a great way to introduce yourself to a market. Make sure to have a high-quality professional headshot on your postcard for the best first impression. You can then follow this up with a market update, just listed and just sold postcards.

Scales With Your Business 

The reality of working in the real estate business is slow seasons and fast busy seasons. Real estate postcards scale with your business’s current size and growth, as you only order what you need. So during peak season, you might be mailing thousands, and during the slow season, you can quickly scale down to the hundreds. 

Inform Neighborhoods of the Current Housing Market

Many homeowners are unaware of the current real estate market and are therefore unaware of what their property would fetch in the current market. With real estate postcards, you can inform a neighborhood of the current housing market by listing what the average home in the area sold for. You can also send postcards that offer free home valuations. 

We’ve seen many homeowners spurned to sell their property when informed just how much they could sell it for. Additionally, these postcards make you an authority in the area about the current real estate marketplace, some people turn to ask questions and eventually help sell their property.

Target Expired Listings

Expired listings are often an untapped marketplace for realtors. When a home fails to sell on the market, sending postcards consolidating the homeowners and offering your services to help sell their home can be the push they need to try a new realtor. If you are struggling with generating leads, expired listings may be a golden opportunity for you.

Realtor Postcards Are A Must Have For New Realtors

Realtor postcards are a must for new realtors looking for ways to generate leads and expand their business. They are a staple of every successful realtors’ marketing toolkit, and they should be for yours too. Give realtor postcards a try for the five reasons listed above and many more.


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