5 Ways Modern Social Intranet Platforms Improve ‘Searchability’

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In today’s unprecedented times, when employees are sitting miles away from each other, searching for information or a document discussed during an earlier virtual conference is a challenge. As per research, on average, an employee spends over 1.5 hours daily to search and collect data. This time can be saved by using modern social intranet platforms. Various search tools of an intranet can make it easier for users to find the information they are looking for. 

Unlike the traditional intranet, modern intranet software solutions do more than just allowing people to use the platform to make announcements. They work as collaborative solutions that help promote collaboration and improve productivity in the workplace. 

When it comes to searchability, modern intranet platforms improve it by offering tools to improve flexibility, security, and scalability in search. These tools not only accommodate the needs of employees but also help make informed decisions. 

Here are some ways social intranet platforms improve searchability in today’s workplaces: 

  1. Search Using Keywords and Related Terms

Intranets are effective centralized platforms that can be used to store data and make it accessible anytime from all parts of the world. With many files, it becomes a time-consuming process for employees to look for a document they want for their projects. Modern intranets allow users to search for a file using the file name, keywords, or related terms like the name of employees who saved the file. 

Users don’t need to remember the full name of a file. They can insert anything they remember related to the document.

  1. Recommendations and Suggestions

Taking searchability to the next level, today’s intranet software solutions have evolved to offer AI-powered recommendations to users. For example, these suggestions are based on user interests or search behaviors of users with similar interests. Apart from that, search recommendations can be based on users’ roles, preferences, and locations. 

Companies can customize social intranet platforms for searchability. They get the freedom to decide how users can search and access data they require for their tasks. Also, they can choose employees who can access a file and make changes to it.   

  1. Secure Searches

Security is one of the prime concerns in today’s technology-friendly world. Large companies with hundreds of employees and thousands of digital files may find it challenging to control each document and protect it against a breach. 

Intranets as collaborative solutions can resolve security-related problems by allowing companies to control their intranet platforms. They are provided document-level security and role-based authorization to ensure that only those users are accessing files who have authorities to use them. 

  1. Easy Search Interface

No matter how many effective search tools an intranet platform contains, they aren’t useful if users don’t know how to find and use them. It is essential for an intranet to have a user-friendly and world-class interface that saves employee time searching for relevant information. Companies can customize their intranet platforms to make them useful and time-saving for users. 

  1. Multilingual Searches

Unlike conventional intranets, modern intranet platforms support multilingual and multimedia searches, which offer search engine-like search experience to users. Companies can design their intranet platforms to deliver search results in multiple languages and meet the search-related requirements of their employees all across the world. 


Modern social intranet platforms encourage productivity in an organization by saving time usually spent in searching for information and data. Using various features of an intranet, authorized employees can access documents they require to perform their workplace tasks. To reap all the search-related benefits of an intranet, a company needs to install the best intranet platform, which suits its needs.   


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