3 Signs That Your Perfume Has Expired

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All good things expire. Even if you invest in the most expensive perfumes, the deterioration of the smell becomes inevitable. While the period of validity is inescapable, you are provided with the power to make the scent last for an extended duration of time. 

The lifespan of the perfume bottle can be increased by adequate storage. Perfumes are highly volatile substances, therefore, they are prone to oxidation, as well as evaporation. Considering this, it is imperative to learn the proper methods of perfume storage. The following guide discusses three ways to determine if your perfume has expired, along with detailed tips to make your perfume last longer. 

How does perfume expire? 

The lifespan of the perfume varies depending on its chemical composition. While some fragrances can last more than a decade, others barely survive a year. On average, most perfumes can remain fresh for a period of three to five years.  

Taking this into account, investing in a perfume with a stronger base note is advantageous, as fragrances constituting stronger base notes last for longer durations. Not only that, these scents become even more refined with the passage of time. 

Perfumes with strong base notes usually consist of amber and patchouli. In fact, all woody and balsamic scents tend to improve with time. On the contrary, perfumes with a light base note, such as that of citrus, floral, and aromatic scents, deteriorate rather quickly. Therefore, if you wish to make your perfume bottle last longer, make sure you buy a scent with a stronger base note. 

3 Signs that your perfume has expired

An expired perfume conveys more harm than just giving off a foul scent. In fact, spraying an outdated perfume may cause irritation, or an allergic reaction to the skin. Therefore, it is essential to identify the signs of an expired perfume. 

Conduct a sniff test  

A sniff test is the most convenient way to check if the perfume has expired. To carry out a sniff test, you can spray the scent on a piece of paper, or a scent strip. This way, if the expiration date has passed, you would not experience an allergic reaction.

During the test, you need to stay mindful of the ensuing: 

  1. Does the perfume smell like vinegar? 
  2. Does the perfume smell different from the time you bought it?
  3. Is there a strong, unpleasant odour?

If the answers to the preceding questions is ‘yes,’ then it is likely that the perfume has expired. 

Assess any variation in colour  

A variation in colour is also an obvious sign that the perfume has expired. If the colour of the perfume is darker than when you originally bought it, it is possible that the fragrance has gone bad. This alteration in the colour results when the oxygen interacts with the alcohol. Additionally, if the bottle is not properly closed, the perfume with a high alcohol concentration will evaporate. 

Look for the expiration date

Another obvious sign of an expired perfume is checking the expiration date.  In most perfumes, this period is either displayed in the form of a ‘best before’ date or in the form of a Period After Opening (PAO) number. The PAO number identifies the time duration for which the perfume can last for, after the packaging has been removed. These numbers are either written on the box, or at the bottom of the bottle. You can check for the expiration date to determine if the fragrance has been spoiled. 

How to increase the shelf life of a perfume? 

The perfume’s shelf life can be increased with proper storage. You can follow the ensuing tips to make sure that the original scent of the fragrance is not altered with time. 

Avoid storing the bottle in the loo 

While the loo is the most convenient place to store the perfume bottle, it also fosters an adverse climate that compromises the scent’s survival. The fluctuation of the temperature, inside the loo, can increase the rate of expiration for the fragrance. In addition to this, the presence of humidity also has a drastic effect on the chemicals making up the fragrance. 

Keep it away from direct sunlight 

Any contact with natural or man-made light is terrible for the perfume. As light produces heat, the fragrance can be altered. This is because heat breaks down the chemical structure, which directly affects the scent. As a result, it is imperative to make sure that you store the perfume in its original box, inside a dark wardrobe or closet. 

Avoid storing the perfume in the fridge 

Considering the foregoing, storing the perfume in the fridge may seem like the ideal option. Afterall, it provides a dark and cool environment. However, storing the fragrance in the refrigerator can expose it to the fluctuations in temperature. Therefore, your perfume can expire speedily.

Avoid shaking the bottle 

Before applying the perfume, most people shake the bottle. In doing so, the chemical structure is disturbed. This leads to an increased rate of expiration. Taking this into account, it is crucial to remain gentle with the bottle, and re-store it in a cool and dark storage facility after each use. 

Perfumes are an investment. Although, if you buy the best perfume for women, but fail to care of it, the quality can be compromised. Taking this into account, it is essential to go through the foregoing tips, so you can make the most out of your favourite fragrance.


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